a precise post

Its changed. Taken a one-eighty all over again in a new direction. Yes, kind of like those Formula one drivers spin, and keep spinning, just not three-sixty but one-eighty. One trip to the Valley of Gods and its all so Aldous-ly again. David Gray plays. Crome Yellow smiles. The ochre, Oh! so ochre light. I have little to say and a lot to see. A lot to just witness, stare and get astonished at. Astonished; the imaginary-eye-brow raise astonished. I’ve been reading Aristotles’ life and square sonnets. Also that book on Comparative Competition Law to finish. Work. Good.

The trip was fun. 1700 KMs, three Royal Enfields, engine oil, roaring river valleys and little else. Photos up on Flickr when I move my lazy bum to unpack the SD Card. Trip-log shall also be posted, for the benefit of Traveler-brethren, hopefully. Lazyness, damn. 

Oh, and Im in the philosophical mood again. Cynical to be precise. It’s so easy to hate us, I see now. Humans are islands. Insular. Self-contained and self-obsessed. Obviously, we suck.

I need new war books. Fiction. Yes. And to decide between Stalin or Lenin, who was cooler? A new dictionary was a delightful find over this weekend. Websters Unabridged 2008 Revision exactly. Pretty good reading and a useful index at the back.

Well, thats that for now. A precise post.


~ by Shashank Kumar on October 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “a precise post”

  1. You using GPS?

  2. no man, no GPS, just the regular maps…

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