random spots of shit appear on the windshield. Go wiper.

I am generally feeling really nice today, having had my cynical predictions proved right. Which really goes on to show how normal, those so-called cycnical thoughts were. All you people, you do not disappoint. Finally, I can get on with my life, more. What was that, you should never underestimate the predictability of human stupidity, hm, maybe. Anyway, alls’ well that ends’ well, and this was benissimo.

Job interview! Yes, J-O-B! People want me to work for them. Sure? I ask. Anyway, it’s always pleasant listening to British english, and so an hour of the Lock Stock like experience chatting over arbitration clauses, M&A, and BITs was okay, it did feel like paddle treatment by Hatchet Harry at times, in the hateful sense.

Personally, life’s become a little gratifying (and I know this will change as soon as I publish this sentence) and I think we are more than just good.

Im happy for Vettel, the guy’s an year elder to me,  and won at Monza. A nice, deserving win. He drove an almost perfect race from pole. Hamilton’s an asshole, what with all the things he did to Glock and Webber. But then again, if they beatified Schumacher then Hamilton’s okay, I suppose. Villeneuve would agree.

And as I sit here again, to continue writing this post after leaving it in the middle eight hours ago, Moby flows. Thinking of a knee-wrecking experience. people who should know, would know. Ah. The long drawn out sigh like “Ah”.  

Thom York, what-o-what is wrong with you? Is it not a crime to make such music. Listenin’ to a band called Radiohead. These are mellow days friends, spent largely with Coldplay, Radiohead, Morcheeba and Beck. On a musically serious note: Radiohead’s Nude; Jigsaw Falling into Place; and Climbing up the Walls, are better than the LHC experience.

There’s a rumour of a bike ride to distant lands. Secret plans, Im told, so I’d stay shut till wheels start rolling. Bike ride means photography, losts and lots of photography for the hungry 40D.





P.S. Remember, more than the inverse of the life time of a Higgins particle, that’s how much i like it.


~ by Shashank Kumar on September 16, 2008.

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