Hate is the last thing that’d come out of my mind. What, with all the peace McLovin’ do. What comes next is born out of sheer hatred, disgust, contempt and amaze at the sight and sound of a “parliamentary debate” aka a “pd”. Alright, so you would’ve taken out your guns by now and would be brushing the muzzle, i ‘ppose. Aye, ‘old it now. It’s just my opinion. It’s a “theory”. It’s one of those theories about nothing, or very small things, that is generally lost; only to be read later when one is stoned, or drinking the beer. And then the thought that follows “what a revelation”. Its that. Fuck, no.

So, a pd, sucks. Define the “house”, be called a “prime minister” even if you are the Archbishop of Canterbury, have more rules than you can ever keep in your head, are only  some of the many problems one faces. The “motion” is the key. There aint no motions ’round here, I ‘int tellin’ya. But most of all, tell me what it will be useful for, apart from speaking skills and quick thinking? Nothing. It’s one of those things you do in college, you just leave there, its endemic to college life. So, these people, who are okay at speaking and okay at quick thinking, what’d it do for ’em? Nothing. 

Maybe, my theorist mind is being parochial here right now, allow me the freedom. But, I just don’t get the point of talking and debating over something and in a way in which the substance doesnt matter, as much as the procedure. And, crap procedure for that. I mean is this how they debate in parliaments? I doubt it, becauses States still exist. So much for calling it “parliamentary”. If I could call pigs, ships.

Debates and personal opinions aside, life’s been good. Just. [ : ) ] . Those who know, know. I must make a mention of how Mo is making my life more beautiful and rubbery, ever since. Cynic self is thriving in the monsoons, with Fuller [Lon] ass taking over good ellipsis sessions. Good. Works for me.


~ by Shashank Kumar on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “pee-dee”

  1. glad,



  2. oh, and! wien crosswalk! looks nice…really nice..

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