something else.

When I am fucked in the head I write. So before you form judgments and draw the oh-so-scary-conclusions, in real life I may be better.

You see the new header, Im guessing. Yes I know it is out of place. I mean whats a photo of a bunch of faces doing being the banner for a cynic’s blog and little else. I mean was it really long ago that I wrote on my non-belief in the benefits of communication?

By this time the readership of the blog dropped to an all time low. It was like fall in Blogosphere. The erudite skeletons of tournefortias and the coldness radiating from the black asphalt of the road. It was a time where snowflakes that came to rest on eyelids constituted beauty and happiness. It was a time where everything was empty.

The Trip of St. Bernard

The St. Bernard asked, what went wrong? / The Bee replied that the trip to Mars was too tiring / So the St. Bernard nodded his heavy and fluffy head in the most lazy way and strolled off with midnight vultures into the night / The St. Bernard went on a long trip.

402 West 43rd Street
New York, NY10011

1 x Iced tea $4.50
1 x Spring vegetables with ricotta $17.00
1 x Soft shelled crabs $24.00
1 x Trout, Complimentary
1 x Sorbet $9.00
1 x Pineapple tart $9.00
1 x Double espresso $5.00
1 x Glasses Prosecco $9.00
Tax $10.56
Tip $26.56

Total $114.12


~ by Shashank Kumar on July 21, 2008.

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