All those who are oh-so-kicked (I hope!) getting air tickets booked to Jodhpur after your CLAT exam this year, here is some information. I mean, I know this is like a needle in the haystack sorta resource for you to find, but what the heck, it’s my blog and I feel like bitching about law school, so I can do with excuses. So the reason behind all of this? Well, last night I had a nightmare about getting back to college. Yes, and that my friends would have been a first of it’s kind university induced nightmare, I am certain. So that was the trigger. The cartridge was my experience there for the past three years. And yes, I know it’s easy to criticize and all that, but really, what was the world without “rottentomatoes”? Also, I dont’ think NLU really cares about the WWW or what happens there. They have bigger issues to deal with, like deciding on “nutritious fixed meal menus” and uniforms for 20 year old kids.

Isaiah Berlin recognized the dichotomy between positive freedom and negative freedom. Positive freedom being freedom from tyranny and interference and the second one being freedom to do what one wishes, to achieve their dreams; the freedom to self realization. National Law University, I am proud to say, guarantees neither. It’s funny being in India, a democracy gaga over its size, there exists this 49 acre triangular principality, ruled by ze Monarch and his aide-de-camp. As Francis Fukuyama observes – while he also notes positive freedom may be the initial concern of minorities and a step after negative freedom is guaranteed – it has been long since the end of the Cold War that the concept of negative freedom has been accepted by the World society. Not by this one lone law school, I’d say. The Cold War never ended here. It’s been the same and it will be for the time to come.

Why am I writing all this? I don’t know. It started off while I was reading an article by Fukuyama. And I do not think this entry will be any more than an aborted baby. So later.


~ by Shashank Kumar on June 19, 2008.

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