ellipsis sessions at DuPont circle.

* 638 attempts were made by the CIA to assassinate Castro. Amidst others, these included an exploding molluscs, poisoned cigars and a complete mafia style shoot-out.

Artomatic@New York Ave.

* The Washington D.C. Metro service loses about 4 seconds at every stop because of delayed door-opening.

* Copper, rose and bone – awesome.

* I touched her thigh, death smiled.

* Meeting with Jenn at DuPont Circle.

* She learnt the singing but forgot the guitar

* carton of flesh, box of bones.

* Did you know freedom exists in school books? … into the gale… into the….

* Pesto sauce on Pizza.

* butterflies in my hair dryer.

* I insist.

* Janahmilo at the National Tobacco, Drugs and Firearms beau-roh.

* 638 attempts.

EDIT: This is my blog, these are my sessions. So if you’re here from over there – fuck off, please.


~ by Shashank Kumar on June 16, 2008.

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