down, out and blocked.

It’s coming out to be a season of blocks – writers block, photographers block, psychological block, and block of various other passages. So what does one do? Well, being in Montreal sure doesn’t help. I mean don’t get me wrong here, you might be one of those who worship the place and consider it to be the Mecca of fun, frolic, laughter, party, and little else. But this is my blog, and this is my mouth. So yes, I’ve been here for the past six days for a conference which got over on day two. Its my last eve here today and I sit here with my insanely expensive bottle of Corona Extra and type. It’s a nice city and all that, but I think its’ a wee bit wannabe. I mean, having been in Europe just two months ago – and all over it – this place seems trying hard to be Paris in America, whereas it could just let it be and things would be perfectly fine. They have spit chicken they call Gyro, essentially the same as Doner, but hey – its’ Gyro, reminds me of Ducktales. Anyway, if you buy something for 4 dollars be ready to pay another 4 for taxes, they’re insane. The people in the “Depanneurs” [grocery stores] don’t mention the price anywhere on the racks, so you buy those bottles of beer and wait for the deathly ting of the cash register to show you in them bright green LEDs how much you lose, and suck. And the people, well, the people. Thats it, lets not say much on that topic. A ride on the public transport from anywhere to anywhere costs $ 2.75. Potheads dupe customers for maple leaves, people come on from behind you and hit you [I] on the head with magazines and swear in French. Taxi drivers stalk you at night time. People like cheese flavored ice creams ( they so, so totally suck). Subway foot longs are for 8 dollars plus 2 dollars of tax! The only thing sunny was my meeting with Madame Mary Jane.

Get back to D.C. tomorrow, so hopefully I’d be a little bit happier and wont crib.

Now, now go.


~ by Shashank Kumar on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “down, out and blocked.”

  1. hey dude…i think i came here by accident but now that i’ve read some of your posts, i’m glad 🙂
    quite enjoyed some of your posts…oh and your photos are damn amazing, maybe you can pass a few tips to a fellow delhi-ite?

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it.

    Oh and about the photography, sure, whatever little I know, I can tell. It isn’t much, really.

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