the story of the eternal team – part I.

I have no fucking idea how to describe every bloody thing thats happened to my life over the past two weeks. Lets just say if you’d put in DeNiro, Pacino, Morgan Freeman, Woody Allen, Lucy Liu, Audrey Hepburn, and George Clooney in a movie directed by Tarantino, Woody and Kubrick based on a space age novel by Thomas Hardy, it would still fall short. Err, I know that it wouldn’t be a very nice movie, ahem.

Well, that crappy introduction apart, let me start in the present as I lie in my bed in Vienna feeling what real nothingness is like. It’s like a huge-huge-huge white hall with buffed-steel light fittings, milky white tube-light, no windows or doors and nothing else. Multiply that feeling by a thousand and you’d still be a hundred mile from where I am.

Last night I sat at the Rathaus, a gothic hall with 1400 people and felt very disappointed when our name was not announced in the top 63 teams out of 205 that made it to the finals of the Vis Vienna Moot, 2008. Till ours was the 64th and the last name to be announced. After that I remember little, except doing a Brett Lee – Lleyton Hewitt encore of a yes-yeah-yesss-c’mon. We made it to the round of 32, the only Indian team in the round, I officially represented INDIA, and man it gave me a brains-blown-out-on-a-canvas feeling. Enough happiness for a cynic, your God thought and so, here I am. The happiness being cancelled out by the sadness of losing now. Almost like the expression two-divided-by-two and how we’d jump to cancel both out in those IInd class fractions math sums.

That’s how I feel right now. Of what happened in the two weeks in Rome, Vienna and in that other universe of my mind, I shall edit, so watch this space. [Buhbye suckers!]

Oh, how I hear lady beer, vodka, raki, limoncelli and absinthe call out my name…

Me cometh babes…

Nota Bene: As you would be aware of my lazy nature, a part II is obviously highly unlikey. 🙂


~ by Shashank Kumar on March 19, 2008.

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