* What sort of a person names a mall “Select City Walk”. I mean seriously dude? Select. City. Walk? Or like “hey! [you should] select city walk?”? Seriously? The first time I went there, that night I described it as “City center sky walk”. A whole tongue twister and a cornucopia of words that randomly collude to make some sense about something else – and that is how this attempt of mine and this word could have been defined as in the Webster’s Unabridged. Select city walk has got fcuk! HAHA.

* Oh, and also, recall me talking about Talvin? Where there is Talvin, you absolutely cannot leave Nitin Sawhney aside. Even his album art was new when everything was old.

* I’ve decided on my next photography project: Pushkar – where Brahma boomed.
* Today the Prime Minister of India and moreover, an honorary doctorate holder from Oxford said the Indian soldier was the best example of unity in integrity. Unity in integrity. Unity in diversity it was, in those 6th class NCERT books. NDTV leader of the year.

* I met a celebrity crush of mine today and walked up to her reflection in a mirror and then spoke to her face to face and told her i dig her. She reacted as if i had uttered blasphemous spells and then said that she was flattered. We were both at an fcuk sale trying stuff. Different stuff 😉


~ by Shashank Kumar on January 26, 2008.

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