Wham! Writer’s block, cramp.

I shall write. Yes, I shall write. I shall rise from the ashes in my burnt red robe and… write the usual crap on my blog.

Since I am still sluggish at this, I shall write about music. Yes, music, because even when I sleep there’s usually something playing, both in and around my head. A caveat sorts here – my taste is pretty eclectic, from Ust. Allah Rakha to Bjork to Jon Bon Jovi’s – you give love a bad name a and to [guilty face me] one BSB song. But this time it’s about my new found love for Asian Underground. I know the name is both cool and freaky, to each his own. So what I am talking about here is music which you can listen to all the time and feel it carry you without actually having to listen-listen to it. And it even has those breathtaking and hold-on-lemme-listen moments. Let me start my recommendation through something light like Entheogenic and Prem Joshua and then progression to mIDIVAL Punditz, Talvin Singh (greatest!) to Karsh Kale, State of Bengal, Trilok Gurtu and Ananda Shankar. People listening to more of electronica and psy-trance can also try Asian Dub Foundation. My personal favorite remains Talvin Singh. Start with Ha and then try OK. To know the genius of T listen to the tracks he chills out on in Back to Mine. Songs that will blow you away include Sway of the Verses, Traveller, One, Eclipse and Silver Flowers.

I am going back to the staa-aaart.


~ by Shashank Kumar on January 10, 2008.

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