crazy night blogging!

Before you know it, you’re trapped /Chopra.

Yeh, meet Mr. Chopra, your next door neighbour from gachibowli! He comes complete with a wife and two kids, rinku and tinki. Actually, on second thought, fuck that, dig this – Chopra is the new dude who’s gonna be chillin with us. Period. Was that sentence over-cool or what!

Hang on as i will edit it a lot tonight! beee. beeep. beep . beep. bleeeem.

Oh and I am single again! Tralalalala. Really, NEWS doesn’t get faster than this! BREAKING NEWS. Okay, i think im going overboard with the news idea.

Ah, alright we have more BREAKING NEWS… BREAKING REVIEWS on kiuk? kiku? kuki? What cookie? Yes like bad food, worse weather, fish chips, mary fuckin’ poppins kuki. Its a wannabe place, if you ask me frankly. There were kids and then there were the aunts. So we were left hanging on to our glass of Chivas (hope it wasnt a moisenne) and dude, was there frottage. That wasn’t supposed to sound like a poem. And and and, there were these Chinese male strippers around the place! Really. If any girlie gets the above and is hot call 98xxxxxxx. Not in order, though 😉 Yes, I am free again! Boy did that paragraph have a lot of ands.

Created also was the group of ellipsis thinkers.

Off late I’ve been thinking my 19(1)(g) and 19(6) mind {legalese, pardon}. So whats the wimpy-est, yet most futuristic and weird (?) job in the world? A facebook profile architect.

The we couldn’t stage comes after the I couldn’t stage.

Remember – Before you know it, you’re trapped.


~ by Shashank Kumar on December 19, 2007.

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