My beautiful Country.

Alright, I want to say this without sounding like much of an hypocrite. India is a country racing on the path towards purgatory, simply put – hell. And what is surprising is that it is not because of people like Narendra Modi, Mayawati or Sonia Gandhi. It is because of people like you and me – us ostentatiously proud, and chauvinistic (if i may have the liberty of using that word) Indians who only know how to be an Indian when those eleven “men in blue” run haphazardly around an oval.

Now the million dollar question – what brings me to utter the above spite? (alright, not a million dollar) Well, today I was having my periodic dose of paranthas at the Moolchand Paranthe Wala and while I was having my paranthas (which needless to say, were as always – yummy, heavy, f*ckin tasty and perfect) these two men got out of their cars and accosted the kids who were responsible for picking the plates and the rajama refills with a request – the words’ a euphemism here – to serve them the bread in their cars. On being denied the privilege, they then took the kids to their-middle-of-the-tables-corner and asked them whether they wanted to earn some money. The deal was struck and the hot paranthas were delivered to the cars in no time. The fucking assholes bribed the waiters at the paranthe wala. What o’fuckin’ what has become of us?

India – the golden bird. Hehehehe. Us losers.


~ by Shashank Kumar on December 9, 2007.

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