Ocean acidification.

It wasn’t under a starlit sky. It was amidst the dense smog, almost ethereal. It wasn’t Anthony Keidis or Raja Ram. It was Rahul Ram and the toli.

It was a saturday night at the Central Park in Connaught Place for the SAARC Festival of Bands with Indian Ocean making their own music and more. The deed was done and the mic crackled to Bandheh. f…u…c…k… That was it. After that it was about feeling the vibrations. The band did similar if not identical transitions as Shpongle. The concert was rather symbolic too, with plastic bottles being thrown around as the music played, defiling the beauty. Asheem – the founder of “socho mat” school of thought made comments like – language is not a barrier (commenting on seeing Japanese people dance their heads off to Ma Rewa). For me, playing the imaginary guitar never got better than this. There were times in songs like kyon where the music had an almost grunge feel to it and you couldn’t differentiate the music from the grinding sound of Screaming Trees. Oh and yes, Rahul and Asheem did invent a new way of playing the strings, bettering Audioslave, Joe Sat and all. Asheem did the percussion on the Guitar neck and body as Rahul played the strings. This truly was divine. Amidst squirrel hair, smoke, awesome company for music appreciation (Shilpi, Srivy and Safia) and awesome music it seemed rather unreal. Perfect for circle sessions. The crowd was typically Delhi, complete with the quirks and the class.

A nice night out in Delhi.


~ by Shashank Kumar on December 1, 2007.

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