Alright, apologies.

Actually… fuck that. If you do not like this shit, fuck-off.

Coming back to where I started – Life’s touched the new lowbrow of boredom, its as if the well has taken a dive. Nothing is interesting anymore, except of course looking at a ten-year-old break a two-year-old’s neck and pull out his eyeballs to play footsie with. Talking about footsie, I saw this cool hoarding a couple of weeks ago. It was about this lounge-cum-bar and it said “when you prefer playing footsie over shaking a leg” against the pink silhouette of a svelte-lady. It hung illuminated right above the slums next to the yamuna. Yes, the same black, defiled Yamuna. Alright, I’m not making any sense at this hopeless attempt to write my way through a block.

Exams start in like three fuckin’ days. These are going to be the worst of my life (there’s quite a tradition I’m telling you). I’ve been away for like half-of-the-semester, and the half that I HAVE been here…I’ve been dancing with the fairies. Inphact, I am gonna get fucked, proper fucked.

There’s little reading going on. I’m reading Baron on Psychology. It’s fun knowing just why you read this post you know. Oh, and I’ve been blog surfing, riding from one blogger-wave to another.

And I have other fascist ideas that shall not go here.

Okay, I’m done.


~ by Shashank Kumar on October 28, 2007.

One Response to “jayleno.”

  1. one of ur nicest posts…for me! it says stuff…random…stuff that i wondered abt..and seriously unknowingly even mentioned/asked u yestrday…!! just makes me smile…:) keep it coming…i look forward 2 ur writing…and if dat ain’t ur reason…im sure quite a few of others do too…

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