Read this post only if you have read the Ludlum trilogy. If you haven’t seen the last or even the first movie, stop. It may spoil the fun, and you might curse me of taking away your happiness – a thing which actually does not exist.

That said, now I’m talking to you who have been Bourned. Alright, the last movie the Bourne Ultimatum was a classic action flick, what with all the car chases, gunshots and that flick of the wrist neck breaking stuff. But for me, the end was just out of this world. When you see the silhoutte of ‘Bourne’ floating in a turquoise sea and then the frown, and then extreme ways are back again. I’m not a very good visualizer and critic, but I believe that each one of us is a Jason Bourne, struggling to find that David Webb. And there is a David Webb, the one behind us all. The one we can only hope to know, someday, if at all. But then is this all going to a trilogy, ah! not again, not with me, not with you. David Webb. Joaquin Cifuentes, weird names, but not so weird when you come to think of them. I am influenced by all that happens around me, we soak it all in like a sponge, like a carpet under which things are pushed. Can the sponge soak infinitely?

Joaquin Cifuentes


~ by Shashank Kumar on September 4, 2007.

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