Where the road ends, Spiti begins.

YEAH baby! We friggin’ did it!

1876 K.M’s through two passes at a maximum height of 4680 m. on “roads” where God won’t dare tread. It’s more than an accomplishment than any paper presentation or article publication, in my opinion. It’s a test – mental and physical. All this might sound like philosophical banter from a travel brochure, but trust me there ain’t no brochures for this one place. It’s heaven alright, but of a different kind – where there are no angels and amphoras of honey, but yeah – there were clouds. And we ripped them apart.

It wasn’t just road, we crossed nullahs, rivers, gravel traps, bedrock, sludge, landslides, and glaciers. Yeah, glaciers. Oh, and rode through clouds (what happens when you cross Rohtang Jot at 1830 hrs.!) sandstorms, and truck exhaust.

Moral of the story: I LOVE my Mosey (Royal Enfield Std. 350) and gotta use more brakes when descending from 4651 mts. on the hairpins!

When Rafting in Rishikesh and bungee jumpin aren’t exciting any more, head to Spiti.

P.S.: Lookout for a lot more edits to this post as I add the trip-log. For the photographs, check out my Flickr. But if you got four limbs and a Bullet, you gotta do this dude!

P.P.S.: For Mo:

Friends and liars
Don’t wait for me
Cause I’ll get on
All by myself
Put millions of miles
Under my heels
And still too close to you
I feel
(Audioslave – I am the highway)

3.25×19 “Streets have no name”, What friggin streets? Baspa Dam, Himachal Pradesh. losing my religion.


~ by Shashank Kumar on July 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Where the road ends, Spiti begins.”

  1. F’ing SEXY!

    Envious me.

  2. Beyond Sexy.

    And you can always go pillion ; ). Planning on Ladakh and Nubhra Valley next summer.

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