Jeez, I can’t find my knees

* There are questions. There are no answers.

* There is procrastination. Oh yes there is.

* There is a lot of nothingness.

* There is Mosey, but even she’s givin’ up on me.

* There are these endless altercations I have with traffic-policemen on the road about how they suck are and there are these 40 minute jams over 4 metres. Friggin crazy, I say.

* There is Dylan. Lots and lots of Bob.

* There is Wikipedia. Thank God for it.

* There is Pynchon. Pronounce “pin-chawn”. To the eleven of the Pulitzer jury who voted against – I understand. Though I do admire the guy for his stuff, its like a paintball fight and then there’s you whose blind. I can sense Gravity’s Rainbow is something big, alas one day I shall figure.

* There’s Woody Allen. And I “paraphrase”: Masturbation is having sex with someone I truly love.

* There’s the IPA. Helping you mispronounce.

* There is good food. I live to eat.

* There are days that just fly by.

* There is immense unhappiness and fear at the thought of the holidays that trickle out.

* There is the Little Dragon, which till date is the only CV (read Chinese Van) whose flier-menu does not have a single spelling mistake.  If  you spell  singapuri (like bhojpuri) and not singapori or singapore-ee, that is.

* There are accomplishments and achievements that don’t somehow make me happy anymore. (All you wise people out there – I know I should be happy in whatever I have and blah. F*** you). This shit of doing something all the time and getting higher (no pun intended) is so like the Maginot Line – atomic piece of crap.

* There are trips to be made, plans to be finalized. And then there is the bed.

* There is this hodgepodge of a cornucopia of thoughts. Decisions to be made, questions to be answered. There is also tomorrow.

* There is this sense of emptiness.

the fish truck that loads, while my conscience explodes…

Nighty night world.


~ by Shashank Kumar on June 6, 2007.

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