I can’t write the first line for this post, so lets just all pretend that I’ve written two introductory paras and you’ve read ’em. Good, that done, lets now move to the third para.

I’ve been prowling the streets for that amazing plate of chola-bhatura and paneer tikkas. God seems to be in a pretty cool mood, for I found both. For awesome Chola Bhaturas head to Chacha’s Chhola Bhatura (Chache di Hatti) in Kamla Nagar. It shuts down at 3 and is closed on Sundays. I had to queue up for 1 hour 15 minutes to get two plates. All was well worth the wait.

Khan Chacha is passe. For awesome paneer tikka head to Kamals’ (opposite Sundar Sweets) in Sundar Nagar Market. Tender paneer pieces, marinated for just the right time and grilled to perfection. Rs.69 a plate. Better than 69 is what I’d say!

Someone please temme about live gigs happening in Delhi, haven’t been to one for ages now.

I do not wish to write further, pretend I’ve penned a perfect conclusion and you’ve read it. Its my blog and I am God, neeehahahaha

P.S. A note on Khan Chacha – I’ve sworn by his rolls all my (small) life, but now its just not the same, people. He’s lost that zing, that difference, that special flavour and texture is gone. Maybe its the hype. Maybe it too is getting McDonaldized, but I sure didn’t want efficiency and popularity to ruin the best friggin kathi rolls in Delhi.


~ by Shashank Kumar on May 19, 2007.

One Response to “Havmor”

  1. PANEER ROLLS??? ’nuff said.

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