Somebody stop me!

Just when you thought i was gone for good, just when you thought you could hear the birds chirping and enjoy all that is life, complete with the chicks and the sunshine, i am back – like a phoenix risen from the ashes, like a tower resurrected from the rubble, like a punctured tyre fixed, I am back!

Let me recap where we left off – and what happened since – for all those who have just joined us: exams (dark days), last exam (sunny after it was over), trip back home, home, vacation, internship, good food (goooood foooood), blitzy net connection, U.S. trip finally final-ified, 16 movies in 3 days, trips to little known places (eventually culminating in discovery of good food), and soaking up the winter sun. Now we see, how Shashank returns to Law School in season 4 of the series to get his ass kicked, again. And somewhere in another Universe Marissa has died, yes yess yesss yessssss!

I finally got flickring and updated my flickr page:

Oh, and about the good food, look out for a first hand report of these hole-in-the-wall eateries in the coming post (for I have to go watch Borat)… okay well, some didn’t even have a wall.

Arise, awaken, Smoke’out!

Laytur world!


~ by Shashank Kumar on December 16, 2006.

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