love. hate.

I hate white milk. Now i know milk ain’t pink and obsidian, but I absolutely hate white milk. I mean with Nesquick and Bournvita its still edible, but plain white milk is purely pukable. Even the smell, eeeeeeeee.

I love Rola Cola. So i buy four rola cola packs with each meal: one before the meal, one accompanying the meal, one after the meal and before i have water, half with water and the last half after i drink water. One pack contains eight Rola Colas, do the math.

I love jalapenos. Poppers or topping or pickled or raw, i love ’em. I love eating them, what happens the next morning is a slightly different experience…

I hate kaddu/pumpkin. Its so squishy and rotten even when its not. eeeeeeeeee again.

I love it when i randomly put my hands in the pocket of a jeans that i hadnt worn for two months and i find a ten buck currency note, not exactly like looting Barclays though. Pleasantly surprising.

I hate it when i wash my eyes with water in the morning and they sting, like im gonna go blind.

I love having ice creams in winters.  They dont melt.

I love hugging a pillow (two pillows actually) and sleeping. And i love clean white bed linen.

I hate dirty feet.

I love boring you, to death.

Good night world.


~ by Shashank Kumar on November 1, 2006.

9 Responses to “love. hate.”

  1. i love the idea of bungee jumping

  2. I love being disillusioned and limp. I love Pablo Neruda and E. A. Poe. I love the honey nougats in a Toblerone. I love running the last kilometer of a half-marathon. I love reading last words.

    I need a new life, this one’s getting loose…

  3. I can comment on my own blog, cant I?

  4. and i also love haagen-dasz ice cream and wenger’s chocolate fudge… need to look for more stuff to hate now, the yang.

  5. I love the feel of squishy chocolate on my fingers. I love licking it off.
    I love waking up and feeling nice and warm and lazy but eager to start the day.
    I love getting a phone call from a person you were just thinking of.
    I love doing well in something you never thought you would.
    I love the way I just hug any person who sleeps next to me.
    I love the way my friends come and start smelling my hair (new wierd thing that’s started).
    I love commenting (on my own blog as well :P)
    Next time the hates… 😀

  6. commenting on your own blog. Three month wait, Im not a jerk!

  7. I hate waking up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off so you feel you missed out on 5 precious minutes of sleep.
    I hate being late. So I’m always early if not on time… bad habit since noone else turns up early.. I should stop…
    I hate waiting for people to turn up.. as I’m sure you figured.
    I hate ginger. Can’t stand the look, the smell, the taste!! In your words, eeeeee!!!
    I hate it when i hate my life only to figure that’s too extreme a thought to think.
    I hate yellow!! Period.
    I hate pigeons!!! Too long an explanation…
    For your earlier comment… Huhhh??

  8. Ooooh i hate waking up 5 minutes before the alarm goes off, i hate it!
    Yes, i figured 🙂

  9. Surprising that you managed the ginger juice… with water that too!! Good for you!

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