no, no title. im not giving it a title.

When it comes to getting on with it, I suck. Writing the first sentence is always the hardest and i friggin hate it, the Saintly white and infinitely empty page just freaks me out. I mean who’s gonna fill it dude? I cant, cause i cant write for nuts, for me coherent crystallization of thoughts on to the paper is a pain in the a$$. So I just let it be, let the last half-presentable-thing i wrote half-a-century ago be.

Why cant essays be of one line? Whats wrong with one line books? When i can say what i want to in one line (recall LSD memoirs) then why the hell do i have to keep writing, writing pages and pages of stuff that even aliens cant possibly understand. And well I cant tell whether that writing (and reading the written stuff) bores you or not, but it certainly does bore me to death, afterdeath and anything beyond the string theory would postulate.

So there’s something wrong with the world and there’s a lot wrong with me, but the question is what difference does it make to the you? its like a fly trying to kick you in the balls isnt it? it is. And that you is me too.

Pandey has just asked me to write a testimonial for her. Id write it, but who’d write the first line?

Try and punch thyself. No, I havent made love to a she-orangutan, try and punch yourself really, its fun, really real fun. To overcome that feeling of resistance, the feeling that slows down your fist when its a nanometer from your face, to overcome it…is fun. Try it.

Im so over writing. Dont wanna be an actor pretending on the stage, dont wanna be a writer with my thoughts out on the page, dont wanna be a painter where everyone comes to look, dont wanna be anything where my life’s an open book (Phish).

to see everything, and then be everything else…


~ by Shashank Kumar on October 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “no, no title. im not giving it a title.”

  1. “When it comes to getting on with it, I suck”

    Ha ha ha.. does your girlfriend agree?

  2. You get a lot of idiots on your blog, don’t you? Witness “Beyonce” above!


  3. ah!i see comments… and an audience less fickle than I. :)and yeah, desite being the ignoramus that I am when it comes to F1, the failure broke my heart too.

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