naked dancing dangling prick

Well yes, that’s what someone came looking for to my blog (wordpress gives you the search terms people use for finding your blog. Go wordpress!). Alright a prick i am, but the three preceding adjectives…er…dont quite fit. He(/She) mustve been disappointed to see just the useless banter and no poles and neon lights! Sorry, cant do!

My life’s been rather uneventful, for bad events i do not count. But then again its been life. Here’s the cornucopia: Failures (yes, yes, the same stepping stones to success, ouch! not that hard!), lots of stones little success, no-brain decisions, floating footnotes, eccentricities of MSWord (A4 Goddamnit A4, not letter!), Art. 31 VCLT, Floyd at full blast, lots and lots of laundry, a dustbin thats been full for a month (i think its a cicada’s cubbyhole now), hope that this too shall pass, and the same old usual boring eccentric erratic Me. To perorate, its been a successful failure…and the oxymoronic saga continues…

Am reading City of Djinns (Dalrympyle) and missing Delhi madly n crazily. Those jamun tree lined boulevards, the little dodgy green and yellow autorickshaws (and dodgy they are), the sunset at Raisina Hill, circumambulations around the whiter-than-thou C.P., 5 buck cola ice-lollies, early morning haziness, late night laziness, ice-cream at Big Chill, the seemingly ubiqutious domes that rise above those things we call modern architecture, the peepal growing in the stone wall crevice… Oh me, oh my…

Now gotta go finish a project on the French Settlement in India (and i ask, who gives a f***?) and Stetson coming up and the Constitution moot and the Chem test and the Physics project. Basically, you be happy and i get screwed (or thats how it always seems. funny, life is.)

Me and my soul we dunno where we’re goin…

P.S.: Schumi’s still gonna do it…


~ by Shashank Kumar on August 31, 2006.

3 Responses to “naked dancing dangling prick”

  1. can u evr b not bugged wth life 4 a little while…may b the minutest f a second…???

    newys..quite an entry i must say…bt looks lke u dint realy enjoy the freshers’ tht much !

  2. for a cynic i am…

  3. i love the way you look at delhi. delightfully refreshing (dont i sound like i am quoting straight out of a “more praise for xyz” section of a paperback?)entry… and truer than most, if i may say so! 🙂

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