pointless entry, pointless life.

Just up and its one of those crack open a hummingbird’s skull evening, most are. What do you do when a train is coming at you at 100 mph and you’re not tied to the railroad? Oh me, I just wait there, wait to be swallowed by the conical cone of the headlight illuminating the dancing dust and then to become another lost scream amidst the blaring honk, splatter of red drops on the grey boulders. Sometimes i wonder whether I’d even scream. University days are like this. There are trains coming at you every couple of days, you know it, yet you stand there, living the death (I’m just irritated to the T, it isnt this morbid and malaised, or is it…?).

So yeah, Im another year old and still alive, again I wonder the why? The point of pointless inexistence, anteater eat anteater competition, brains blown out on a canvas confusion, Vallesneria-ic selfishness and the irritating ringtones.

What i need is a nutty nutmeg phantasy…

imagine and maybe it will happen
may be a dream but it’s real to me
chocolate covered roses
love in massive doses
in my nutmeg phanta-ta-sy…
(Macy Gray)

Yours in search of sanity and a lil bit of money.


~ by Shashank Kumar on July 25, 2006.

7 Responses to “pointless entry, pointless life.”

  1. did i miss your birthday?

  2. let me tell u wat u need…u need 2 actually b ties 2 a railroad whn there is a train approaching…
    lets see wat u FEEL like then…
    it just appears 2 me dat u r just exaggerating it a teenie-weenie bit…life is bad but not this bad…..

  3. There’s something as expression, the meaning of “crack open a hummingbird’s skull evening” expresses my feelings at that time, the post does that too. And i believe since it is my life, i should be left to decide the goodness in it, please! and well, you are tying me to a railroad for saying something, you sure would know what life is!

  4. nice response…very very polite way of saying just shut up & mind ur own business,isn’t it ??? of course u hv d right 2 say wat u feel..& so do i..& dats wat i did..srry if dats not wat u wanted or expected…my apologies…
    & who d hell knows wat life is….its too complicated !!!!

  5. Well, I wasn’t saying shut up – and no this isn’t to make you feel nice, I really wasn’t. With me being ‘tied to the railroad’, I was only replying in a tone that you used.
    Atleast we seem to agree on the complexity that it is. My perception of what happens around is influenced by the cynic i am, answers. Oh, and a merry christmas.


  6. Merry Christmas to u too & a very happy new year……..or wait…is there goin 2 b a new year or is d world goin 2 cum 2 an end ????
    sincerely hope u hv an awesome year ahead !!!!!!!

  7. ha ha ha, who knows? but yes you caught my drift. May there be a new year, and may it be happy for you!
    My blog is beginning to bear an uncanny semblance to the orkut (s)-crap book.

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