Signs of life, more crap

Not dead, sad but true. No post for a long time, yeah i know. I was searching for my soul you know (sounds impressive eh?). But couldnt really find it anywhere, still.

Okay, gossip. Nothing. Yeah, you heard me right – nothing. So what are you doing here, drift along, its just another useless blog or if youve got a meaner word for it, then that. This one’s going to be disjointed, random, like shards of a plexiglass window blown by gunfire, bam bam, frozen mid air. Or shards of a stained glass window of a chapel blown by a Templar in flight. Unlikely? So is life. I like stained glass, some dark some bright, more dark less bright. You know where Im going…

The chrome of the floor reflects the radioactive green of the bar. Then almost like matter and antimatter annhilate, tangerine ash from a burnt cigarette appears across the radioactive green. Nausea? Nope, thats what people feed on, that and the vibrations from the woofers (couple of more o’s there would be apt). And there are those who dance alone… The cigarette smoke stings my eyes, poof. The bass moving the root hair of a bald guy. I describe the temples of human non-existence and granaries of hypocrisy – discotheques aka discs (just trying to be cool). I dont really know why I wrote the above stuff, guess i was just bored that night.

I want to vaporise a Veyron, race a Ducati, jump from the Rialto, juggle H&K MP5’s, GPS track my nemesis from school, diffuse the bomb at Alcatraz, wear retina scanning Oakley’s, recieve self destructing messages, obliterate buildings, fight off a 100 baddies and not feel the trickle of sweat on my forehead. M:I-3 made me want so… Its funny how…forget it…

Not dead, will soon be… back to the university.

Post Script: Since the US of A is like Gucci right now – in fad – ssup in the hood kinda stuff you know: Happy Independence (from what?) day.


~ by Shashank Kumar on July 4, 2006.

4 Responses to “Signs of life, more crap”

  1. bootless…inutile…those r the meaner words…

  2. yup, getting there…

  3. me liked.. truer than some others.

  4. happy BUUDDAAAYYY BUUDDAYBOY…cmon get a life nw…i knw u aint so boring ….haha

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