fishless fishing and castrol hair oil

Two round leaves hold on to the sand by one root. They very floatingly-rise as the waves come in and then kiss the sand as the water recedes, again. Just two round leaves and a root. That's what I gazed at as I sat on the shores of the Ganga with a fishing rod in my hand and grey clouds over my confused head. Away from the seemingly ostentatious ringtones I had gone for two days: Saturday and Sunday. Okay, so I didnt catch any fish, again. I did entangle the nylon line and pierced my hand, again. But it wasnt a fishing trip really, it was a rafting trip to Kaudiyala, an hour and a half beyond Rishikesh, which would be 6 hours from Delhi and another 12 from New York – and that's bored "me" trying to be creative! Anyways, Kaudiyala was amazing. Its a nice place to stay, so the next time you head in that direction do stop over. It has porta-cabin cottages overlooking the roaring rapids, and the food was jus yummily finger-lickable and lip-smackable.

Sunday morning was rafting time and out of the bed into icy cold water didnt sound too exciting at first. So dragging my unwilling, sleepy soul reached the starting point late (as always) and put on the yellow full-of-life jacket and the otherwise-so blue helmet. After that it was like a jet engine (or a SCRAMJet) fixed to a parambulator and me sitting in it like a two year old high on adrenaline, yeah that's it. Perfect. I wish i could come to office rafting! I shall post pictures of me going overboard and doing other stuff soon, so save your laughter for later. On our way back, the alternator belt of the car broke, so I tried my hand at selling Valvoline and Shell engine oil as hair oil to prospective customers at the mechanic's shop. The excitement then crossfaded into the 40 kmph ride to office and the two-minute noodles that took six.

More confusion later…


~ by Shashank Kumar on June 6, 2006.

2 Responses to “fishless fishing and castrol hair oil”

  1. hehehe..
    temme, does castrol smell fishy? like some of those high protein oils do??

  2. rings a bellll!!! HAHA!! i can’t believe how bored i am…:(

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