Old wine, new bottle

So its changed, the fleeting sunshine gone behind the puffy white clouds

a new theme, green, to drive the old one out…

The inevitable – as I like to refer to it for easing the acceptance – has happened, change. Everything changes, sometimes we expect it, sometimes we dont. Its funny how life changes. If I look back at the "me" 2 years ago I inevitably end up with a smile on my face, sometimes of embarassment, sometimes of free-spirited-tackiness. Any which ways, ways which bore many a reader. So justifying myself – I so hate it at times – the present theme has a slightly mysterious touch to it, its kind of dark with a teal tinge which makes it seem like the perseids reflected off the azul Pacific, at night of course.
Is it better, worse or you're busy with Aliens over for dinner?

Lost, as always… 


~ by Shashank Kumar on May 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Old wine, new bottle”

  1. i hadnt read your blog in aeons. glad i stopped by today. keep writing, so that people may look forward to reading

  2. …lke the theme bt being honest m not realy a gr8 fan of green !…bt gues this one’s ok !…wondering wht how u wud ve been 2 yrs bck n more than tht, wondering y u hate it so much !!.. must b quite interesting to knw huh !
    …bt ya, the dark tinge tht u’ve givn to ur blog pg is certainly impressive…

    kep up wth it !

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