Elvish mischief and a cupful of boredom

I dont want to die like this. And that is an ever increasing possibility now that im in an "office". Do they suck or what? I mean okay you got LCD monitors, free phone, printer, fax and all that stationary we cant resist flicking (on my first day I left a pen in the holder on my desk, next morning its gone!), but its so boring. Boooooooooring.

Another thing to my distaste is the fake neatness. The sparkingly white desk glittering under the milky white light, to be accentuated by the white walls and the white ceiling – which has white A.C. vents. And the silence. Its an International Organization for crying out loud, not a graveyard. All you ever hear is the monotonous clicking of the keyboard keys to be interrupted by the booming blast of the "enter" key in triumphant accomplishment. They've put phones on the desk but you cant talk. Its funny, cause when you talk you make noise/sound/acoustic vibrations (duh!) and in an "office" they dont like that much! Its all pleasingly productive and expectedly fake.

Im sorry. This 12-eyed, one legged, purple skinned elf with a weird Wi-Fi enabled tail hacked into my account and wrote the above stuff. Whats more? He has used this code that prevents me from deleting anything he wrote! And ofcourse i love my office and the birds chirping outside. White is my favourite colour! Please dont fire me, pleeeeeeeeeaase.

P .S. Office coffee (or something like it) review coming soon!…oops, the elf returns! Damn elf!


~ by Shashank Kumar on May 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Elvish mischief and a cupful of boredom”

  1. Google preved rodnoy!

  2. HAHAHAHA…!! (im bored and going through your archives!:( )

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