my ochre microcosm

I've got a little black book with my poems in,

Got a bag, got a toothbrush and a comb.

When I'm a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone in.

I got elastic bands keeping my shoes on.

Got those swollen hand blues.

Got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from.

I've got electric light

And I've got second sight.

Got amazing powers of non-observation


I can sometimes talk to the walls of my room, or whatever peeks from behind the paintings, posters and my sister's to-do notes dated 23rd March, 2002. I quite like it. My computer sits in this valley on my desk surrounded on all sides by mountains of books, useless paper bits and this faithful glass with dried orange juice on the sides that has been there for a fortnight (or a year?). There are wires all over. I get up in the morning (usually at 1300 hrs.) and the first thing i do (apart from trying to get back to sleep – another of my attempts to escape from the world, the daylight) is to carelessly brush aside all the wires on the ground so that my feet can feel the cold stone floor, a dead proof that i still am alive. But, who really cares till the time the headphone jack reaches the iPod; and if it doesnt just give it a yank, things will fall. But who cares?. Ohh, and there is a lamp too. Its like those stainless steel ones you would find in a nineteenth century execution chamber. It fills my life with its ochre light. And I quite love it all…

By the way, my concept note was accepted and I am finally going to be interning at The International Food Policy Research Institute, writing a paper on The APMC Act and… I am sure you dont care. Turns out, life is going to be merely ochre no longer as the fake white office light would flood in. Styrofoam coffee and more…

…I've got wild, staring eyes.

And i got a strong urge to fly,

But i got nowhere to fly to… fly to… fly to…


~ by Shashank Kumar on May 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “my ochre microcosm”

  1. dude, that’s preety cool but i think
    you give credit to floyd.

  2. oh absolutely. i worship floyd, complete with the carols and the pigs on the wing! wasnt plagiarising there!
    NOTE: The above lyrics are from “nobody home” by Floyd (duh)!

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