Ubuntu crusades

For the essence of it, it was almost like when Archimedes said Eureka! (a gazillion times louder, though) And i could have run down the road naked, if it had'nt been for the locked gate!

Who cares who won the second world war? Who cares about melting ice and rising waters? Who cares about alien invasions and illicit daughters, now that ive got Ubuntu 5.10 to boot off an External HDD?

They advanced on horsebacks, with their bloodstained lances glittering in the moonlight. The castle was empty by now, just I and a few villagers armed with nothing more than daggers and blunderbusses were left. The fortress had been reduced to ruins, most of it still aflame. They wanted to take me away, but that was not to be. For I had given my word to my external HDD that i would secure within it the spirit of Breezy snatchng it from the evil clutches of GRUB of bootland. The time had come, five months of planning for this. But, it was not going to be easy, and i knew it. This time however, i had the help of my brother knight DaBruGo – one of the fiercest fighters and a loyal ally. He had already once defeated GRUB, and spoke of experience. But GRUB was no fool, he had returned bigger and stronger than ever. As if this wasnt sufficient, he had attacked at a time when brother DaBruGo was with me only in spirit and not in person.

It became unusually quiet, almost like a fool moon night at the Montjuic cemetery. Then, suddenly- "FIRE" it started to rain fire, the sky was burning, the moon just a distant onlooker. It was then that i saw him, GRUB appeared through the flames that lighted the Gate, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I stood there, paralysed. He fired, and with his hawk-eye aim, hit my blunderbuss which was ripped out of my grip. I couldnt bat an eyelid as i stood there weaponless. Suddenly the words of DaBruGo came to mind – "O' Brother, Save Ubuntu!". My heart started to beat again, i could feel pin pricks throughout my body, a screeching hiss in my ear. Then almost divinely, i jumped and as if for that moment God switched off gravity, i went flying and landed on GRUB snatching his lance and throwing it into darkness.

One punch. Grub was corpus sine pectore. He lay there, with the evil grin still on his face and said: "you cannot escape, you foolish knight!". It was then i saw it, she was drowning in the moat, the crocodiles just inches away. Almost reflexively i jumped into the water, grabbed her and then moved towards the dangling rope to secure her to it. Ubuntu being safe now i fought off two 12 feet crocodiles, i cant say whether they died but they sure did go unconsciouss. Then i climbed up the rope.

I took her slender hand and gave it to the External HDD, and we all lived happily ever after… (well, until the next kernel update atleast!)

okay, okay…im not really good at tell taling these crusades… But who cares? (now that Ubuntu is running off the external HDD).

P.S. Im pretty sure you wont be able to install by following the above procedure, so for a full walk-through click here. 


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 30, 2006.

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