Mediterranian association

Penne Arabiatta and a glass of orange juice. It reminds of those days spent at my white walled and blue windowed villa in Corsica gazing at the nothingness of the azure mediterranian, to be disturbed by the odd passing yacht.

They wear only white linen there. Odd considering that they hunt only wild boars there. Its not hunting really, because the boars wander aimlessly on the pebblestone paths and mama can ask little Johnny to open the door and get one. Surprisingly the mafiosi are not really active in the region. One reason could be that they prefer their Maserati’s and Ferrari’s to the donkeys of Corsica, another flying rumour is that they dont like the boar. Any which ways their absence is not heartfelt. Getting to Corsica can be a pain in th a$$, and quite literally so. The three hour winding climb to the villa on a donkey’s back can lead to sore buttocks and much (much) more…

Talking about soreness, the one thing that would have an opposite effect is the red-piped black leather seat of a Ferrari Enzo. And why should not it be an a$$ soothing experience? Because there are only 399 (might i add – only) of these babies on Earth. Tiptoe your way from the tip of the toe up to the shin of Lady Italy and you will find yourself in a wonderland called Maranello. It is here that you are most likely to spot one of the rarer donkeys, the a$$ soothing kind – the Enzo.

This is also the place from the autoclaves of which was born the F248, yes Ladies and Gentlemen and Others, the very F248 in which Michael Schumacher won the San Marino GP on the 23rd of April 2006, the very F248 which sent shivers down the paddock and smiles around the tifosi. It was good seeing Michael take that signature winning leap on the podium, it was good to hear the German and Italian national anthems, back to back – the soundtrack of “Michael returns” conducted by the Man himself from atop the podium to which danced thousands in Imola and millions around the World, I being one…

That was tonight’s dinner, the Imola salvation and everything in between (lots of boredom, basically.)


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 25, 2006.

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