Wireless dreams

I have recovered from hibernation. 3 days of sleep, and when not sleeping then in a semi-limp-sleepy state watching BL. Was I, or just a dream? Brrrrrrrr, anyhow. So went to N.P. today in search for a wireless router to make my home a "hot-spot". Got everything, and for a change it all seemed perfectly complete with the birds chirping and India 138 for 1. But hey, guess what? surprise surprise, it DIDNT work! The router is DHCP enabled but the ISP would only give me a Static IP with a username and password. I have a spanking new white paperweight, with green LEDs, RJ45 sockets and an ANTENNA! wonder why a paperweight has an antenna. Nice paperweight.

Update: 25th May, 2006: Got the router to work, yesssssss. Ki$$ my a$$ damn ISP!! Tutorial for using multiple computers on a single user connection (for Inventum, Exattnet ISPs). 


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 19, 2006.

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