Life – explanatory note no. 2

The world is small. It shrunk smaller today. What is the possible-possibility of meeting someone who commented on your blog, who was non-existent for you till 24 hours ago, out of the blue? Zilch.

But, no, its Life and its gotta prove that gravity gets you high and you can run at the speed of light. Exactly what i love about life, the posiibility of impossibility. So, yes met nupur (yep, the nupur from the Explanatory note no. 1-comment), where, you may ask? Well, out t-here in the scorching heat (42 degrees), surrounded by cacti, the sand and the spotless blue sky (im describing my university campus here).

Thats life. What next are you gonna do to me, tell me?? Actually, dont…

Watch out for rhthmic reservations about this one…


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 7, 2006.

3 Responses to “Life – explanatory note no. 2”

  1. khoda pahaad aur nikla chooha….(sory 4 tht)…bt u’re so vry self-contradictory..smetimes u say life’s so simple “at the emd f the day”..n thts wht it all comes down to…n today u tlk abt speeding up with light……..newyz, nothin much to grill u abt this one, bt since i’m supposd to do it, let me hve the pleasure…………(lets jst tlk lke a lawyer 4 a while)

    it ws quite suuny n scorching hot bt ..acc to the weather statistics, JODHPUR ws only 33 degrees hot..LOL..(so thr u go wrong)….n i’m realy realy surprised, u being a BIOLOGY student failed to track out the phenotypic details of the various cactaceae species in the Tracheophyta phylum found in the Kingdom Plantae….v dnt hve any in our surroundings (whr v met)…there are other vascular plants bt there aint no “cacti”…

    so u see your findings abt ur “life” stand slightlyy disputed..

    thr ws anthr thing tht i wntd to ask…hw did u get to knw it ws the same NUPUR..too much 4 a blind guess.. cud b anywhr in the world..may b thousands of them..

  2. correction out thr….mke it 40 in place of 33…

  3. I was reading the first comment. Yeah, I am self-contradictory…

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