the ‘+’ almost killed me

In our Life Science Practical Session we had to do this blood test experiment to determine our blood group. So we needed three blobs of blood on a glass slide and these three yellow, red and blue coloured 'reagents'(or whatever it was) in their cheap-imitation-of-a-vodka-bottle vials. And, yes this is how its done at those Rs. 4000 per test labs too, so beware!

Blood, the moment that word was announced in class you could hear the shrillest highs and lowest lows. The search for a generous donor began, and as yours truly really is generous and kind (comment material people), he obviously came to the rescue. Off i went ambulating around the lab, with my index finger pricked (drilled, rather) 'depositing' the samples as three neat drops on the infinite…no…14 slides. And they all lived happily ever after…

Not so for me. Thought, believed rather, that my blood group was B+. It is obvious that the B should be there along with the small little + next to it. But, that was not to be. The B tested positive allright, but the positive test was negative. So yeah, no + for me, just a B. What's the big deal thou shalt ask? Well dear friend, considering the confidence with which i used to say that my blood group was B+, had i got a transfusion (thats getting high on a bottle of blood for the uninitiated) done, the blood inside of me would have solidified into jalapeno-popper-like-lumps (manchurian balls would suffice too, if you're more of a 'chinese' kinda person), and yeah, needless to say i wouldve died…but who cares, the exams are gonna kill me anyway…


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 6, 2006.

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