Of Cuba, Communism and Water Buffaloes

Am currently reading (slow slug reading) The summer of a dormouse by the english playwright John Mortimer (of the Rumpole series fame). I Came across this interesting little passage about Cuba. Incidently was just talking to a friend in the afternoon about wanting to go there:

Cuba, it seems, has an excellent education system, low infant mortality, period motor cars, and laws against any sort of private enterprise or trading, which means that all cattle have to be handed over to the Goverment when ready for slaughter. The result of this law is that Cubans have become experts at killing and butchering in five minutes flat and that police constantly search cars for carefully packed Sunday dinners.

Castro thought it would be interesting and productive to introduce water buffalo to the island. These animals, in hot weather, were accustomed to stand up to their necks in swamps to keep cool. Platoons of police kept watch over them and made a careful head count. In time, the officers noticed that the heads had started to droop and the eyes looked distinctly exhausted. Further investigation into the swamp revealed that about a hundred of the bodies had been carved into saleable joints and nothing remained but a herd of heads on poles.

Change of plans…

Samoa is a damn nice place!


~ by Shashank Kumar on April 3, 2006.

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