Hello World!

I can hear the constant sound of the cicada, unsecure in the darkness of the night. As I look up I see the fan rotating, the blades blurred. the room is flooded with the white glow of the tube light.

I sit on my chair, penning my thoughts here, I don’t know why, all I know is that I just want to write, just write, and not read it ever again. What I write will be and is the most lurid and lucid account of my life, of my mind… My writings are my thoughts, upon this page I try to sketch those obscure thoughts of mine, those incomprehensible and intangible… “things” if I might be allowed to call them. Although mere “things” they are not, they are emotions, they are love, hatred, sorrow, joy, excitement, and they are much more than mere emotions too. So, I write. I write, but why? Behind everything that we do there is a motive an aim, or a goal. Well I for one defy that and write idyllic stuff, it might be unconnected and confusing at times, but as I said what I write is what I think, and aren’t are thoughts unconnected and confusing at times? For me, they are.

I start this on this twenty eigth of February, 2006, hoping to figure out life, only hoping…




~ by Shashank Kumar on February 27, 2006.

One Response to “Hello World!”

  1. all i wud say here is…….”i know” cuz tats all u wana hear….and tat says it all…..be in love wit wat u write…….cuz its u…..and tats all it needs to b ..

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